In the fall of 2022, the Local Labour Market Group of Renfrew and Lanark introduced the Employer Pulse Survey to gather insights into current labour market conditions experienced by employers in the region. This survey replaced the former, more time-consuming EmployerOne survey and was designed to provide localized intelligence for labour market planning and strategy development. Moving forward, the LMG plans to refine and use the pulse survey more frequently to stay updated on changing labour market conditions.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

Employer Pulse Survey 2023

The Employer Pulse Survey took place over a 12-week period from September to December of 2023, providing valuable insights that aligned with the assumptions made by the LMG. These assumptions were based on a comprehensive review of unemployment statistics, client activity levels within employment services offices, local intelligence gathered through community consultations, and our own observations derived from monitoring job postings online, within businesses, and through media channels.

Employer Pulse Survey 2022