Certain occupations are currently in-demand, meaning that they are showing strong growth in terms of job postings over the last month. These in-demand occupations are listed below for each of our service counties. This data comes from the Labour Market Group’s Jobs Tool which brings together over 20 different job boards to present a comprehensive picture of the local job market.  

Renfrew County  

April 2022 

RankingTitleNumber of Jobs
1Retail salespersons 80
2Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, and related support
4Retail and wholesale trade managers 40
5Light duty cleaners38

Source: Job Demand Report, LMG Jobs Tool, April 2022 (Click Here

Lanark County 

April 2022 

RankingTitleNumber of Jobs
1Retail salespersons 59
3Retail and wholesale trade managers 31
4Light duty cleaners30
5Home support workers, housekeepers, and related occupations 29

Source: Job Demand Report, LMG Jobs Tool, April 2022 (Click Here

Historic Trends 

Over time, there are several sectors that have seen strong historic growth including health care, manufacturing, and skilled trades. Job titles that have experienced consistent job growth have included: 

  • Personal support worker  
  • Customer service representatives  
  • Sales associates  
  • Registered nurse  
  • Registered practical nurse 
  • Administrative assistants 
  • Pharmacy assistants 
  • Light duty cleaners 
  • Material handlers 
  • Delivery drivers 
  • Cooks 
  • Early childhood educators 

Learn more on the Province of Ontario website at https://www.ontario.ca/page/labour-market.  

Elderly man with caregiver in nursing home
Woman and man manufacturing worker in discussion writing on tablet computer
Woman truck driver leaning out the drivers side window.