Josh V – had a successful job as a Funeral Director however knew he was not called to this type of work for the long run.  He went through the career decision making process and after weeks of assessment, research and volunteer work, he realized his passion was working with children.  A local employer gave him on-the job training and experience through our services which lead to an apprenticeship as a Child Development Practitioner. 

Josh V

Robbie F. – is 24 years old, has his Grade 12 and worked primarily in the construction sector but only as a Labourer. He had no formal carpentry experience but was interested in pursuing it as a career as he has some knowledge from his father who was a Carpenter. We took time to identify related transferable skills and rebuilt a resume that highlighted those skills. We began researching potential employers and eventually secured an interview as a means for Robbie to express his passion for the trade and support it by his limited transferrable skills. The employer eventually registered with us and was open to a Job Trial to see what potential Robbie had for the Carpentry field. The placement was a success. Ongoing training was secured through a further placement and Robbie is now in the process of being registered as a Carpenter apprentice.

Robbie F

Mike D. –  is 34 years old and was a Pharmacist Assistant however knew he had made the wrong career choice and came into the centre to look at Career options. Through career counselling, lots of research and networking, Mike knew he wanted to be in the trades. He was definitely a hands on worker. Small Engines became a focus. An employer was secured that offered an amazing opportunity to fix and maintain a large variety of small engines at a rental venue. Mike had a large learning curve but was successful in meeting the employer’s expectations and was offered a Small Engine Apprenticeship.

Mike D