Covid is still impacting the Labour Market

The Labour Market Group of Renfrew and Lanark is excited to release their 2022 Employer One Survey. The survey, conducted between January 4th, 2022 and February 25th, 2022, allowed businesses to share information about their workforce experience in 2021.  While there have been multiple provincial and national surveys, this is one of the only surveys providing local information from local businesses and organizations. 

The LMG joined with five other Local Workforce Development Boards in Eastern Ontario to conduct a common survey.  Although, the boards work hard to connect with their local businesses to generate a response rate that provides meaningful results COVID closures prevented many employers from participating. We heard from eighty six (86) local businesses. Unfortunately, the 2022 EmployerOne Survey received a historically low response rate and will be replaced with a new initiative in 2022-2023. 

With the support of the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development, EmployerOne Survey results are being shared with educators, employment support agencies, businesses, economic developers, and industry associations to provide a better understanding of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, occupational shortages, projected hiring and professional development requirements.

“These surveys provide invaluable information about our local labour market,” said Allison Donnelly, Project Officer at the Labour Market Group of Renfrew and Lanark. “Despite labour changes our region continues to employ the majority of it’s workers on-site and has a high demand for labourers. The results of this study demonstrates the continued impact COIVID is having on our labour market.”

Our survey results and the regional report are available on our website here.

Labour Market Group of Renfrew and Lanark (LMG)

For over 10 years, the LMG has worked directly with employers, job seekers and organizations in delivering accurate and timely labour market information that can be used for planning purposes. We are one of 26 workforce planning areas in the province of Ontario and receive our funding by the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.

Renfrew County Office:
141 Lake Street
Pembroke, ON K8A 5L8
(613) 401-1274 

Lanark County Office: 
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Perth, ON K7H 2Y4
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Media Contact: Allison Donnelly


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